Number One

New month = new goal.

Each new month is a new opportunity! A chance for new skills, building up old skills, new connections/relationships, deepening old connections/relationships, and so on.

The beginning of the month is always an exciting day for me – it’s like getting to reset and start all over again. I *try* to start every month with a new goal. We have to invest in ourselves in order to achieve what we want, and that means constant growth.

“It’s binary. If you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backwards.” – Gary Vee

My October goal: Record my PT observations.

How? Keep a journal of my observations and post once a week about my experiences doing  PT observation hours.

Why? To better understand what I learned/observed, and to have a reference for myself and other PT hopefuls to learn from my experiences.

Snapped straight from my planner. (And you know I’ve been studying like Hermione for that test on Columbus Day ;))

Thanks for reading my first post, and remember, “You only get one life.”

What are your current/monthly/yearly goals? Do you have any suggestions for sticking with them?

PT hopefuls: how did you get the most out of your observation hours? I just started pursuing PT a couple months ago, so all tips will be greatly appreciated!



11 thoughts on “Number One

      1. That’s great, I’m with you on that! I’m working on them too. I’m trying to find an efficient way of executing, and set myself up for success. I have so many things I want to achieve. I just have to make a plan now. ( which I am currently working on )

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