5-Points Friday: My Resources and XchangeSA chat May

5-Points Friday is a new series I’m doing to wrap up a week’s worth of lessons learned, healthy snacks, and little bursts of what I’m up to. It’s also a progress report of how I’m becoming a top contender for PT school. Enjoy!

Most popular tweet —

The next #XchangeSA chat is coming up soon on Sunday May 21st, at 6pm. The next one’s topic is “Communication: The Most Important Technique You’ll Ever Use.” I love learning more about communication, and we all know I love PT, so this one is right up my alley! Any Pre-PT students out there, feel free to join, or lmk if you have any questions about it at all!

Update on classes I’m taking —

The next class I’ll take is Abnormal Psychology. I’m taking it at a community college in North Dakota, and since I just moved here in December I am considered an out-of-state student (I’m from Florida!).

Basically, I am paying triple to take this class! It’s the reason I am not finishing all of my pre-reqs right away — I simply can’t afford it at that rate! I’m taking it online which will allow me to work more hours at my job (I’m a leasing agent!), prep & take the GRE, and also get everything in order for when PTCAS opens. Btw, PTCAS, is the online application for PT schools.

New addition to PT Contender —

I’ve added a new page called Resources! Actually, I did this a while ago, but I’m just now announcing it… I’ll add to it as I find more. So far I have only added one resource, but it is a MAJOR one.

It is called the Ultimate Resource Guide on Dr. John Rusin’s website. I’ve mentioned Dr. John Rusin before HERE. He’s a physical therapist and is a never-ending source of strength & conditioning knowledge. It is an insanely useful place for anyone interested in strength & conditioning, sports performance, and even physical therapy and rehab!

Interesting article I read —

This one’s for beginners. It’s called “Should You Stick to the Recipe” and it’s a quick read on creating a training program from the perspective of successful strength coach, Michael Boyle, who created a website called strengthcoach.com.

He uses a simple analogy by relating beginner trainers to beginner cooks in the kitchen. It goes something like this: Beginner cooks have to use a recipe just like beginner trainers should use an already well-made & tested program for their athletes.

He relates the chefs in the kitchen (who create well thought out recipes) to trainers in the field who have lots of experience (& who create well thought out programs).

I’d recommend this article to not only those interested in PT, but also those in any career when it comes to ‘sticking to the recipe’ or not. Something to think about!

Quote I’m reflecting on:

“If you do not love the process of what you’re up to, you’ve already lost.” – Gary Vaynerchuk

Who do you admire and use as a role model in your career or hobby or passion?
What are some resources that you find yourself always coming back to?

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6 thoughts on “5-Points Friday: My Resources and XchangeSA chat May

      1. YES!!!! Be patient. That is my best advice to everyone, be patient, be a beginner, and enjoy the process. My biggest regret is not taking the time to enjoy being a beginner, I wanted better and better and better but to the point I was never satisfied with just being patient with myself and celebrating a lot of small victories. Now I set a big goal and celebrate every time victory along the way and it makes life and training FUN!! You’ll reach your goals, no doubt, just keep plugging away and don’t get down about the steps backward along the way 🙂 xo

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thanks, Mia! I could always use that reminder. I see how that is a common mistake for a lot of people though (myself included)! Because we have this big goal and it’s good to have dreams and goals, as long as we also realize that it will take time to get there. I always appreciate your perspective and encouraging words :))

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