About Jess

I write about big dreams, lessons learned, and becoming a top contender for physical therapy school.

Why the name PT Contender?

Getting into PT school is SO competitive, so I wanted to create PT Contender to document the process I go through and be real about it. I am not your traditional student (age 27!) and I definitely have some disadvantages (ex: 2.8 GPA!), BUT it is absolutely possible to make it happen. When it comes to PT applications I know I will be an underdog, but that’s not going to stop me – it’s actually very motivating!

“If anyone ever did it, then you can too.” –  Gary Vaynerchuck


I got my Bachelor’s in Exercise Science and I love learning about all things health&wellness. One day I will do a post on what you can take from an Exercise Science program, and what you can leave (ex: take the volunteer opps; and leave the negativity from professors about PT school admissions).

  • Fav Exercise Science Classes: [btw all of these were VERY hands on, which I needed]
    • Sports Nutrition
    • Health Promotion
    • Aging & Physical Performance
    • Biomechanics


  1. Finishing up prereq’s to get into PT school. This semester = Anatomy II, and Medical Terminology. I’m also doing observation hours in various settings.
  2. Working part-time as a leasing agent & saving as much as possible for PT school.
  3. Learning social media/blogging & getting involved – there is an approachable, active, passionate, & insanely educational PT community on Twitter.

Come say hi:
SNAPCHAT: PTcontender
TWITTER: @ptcontender

32 thoughts on “About Jess

  1. Good luck, Jess! I am a RN/Nurse Manager on a Spinal Cord Injury/Disorders rehabilitation unit by occupation. I am very lucky to work with a fantastic group of PTs and OTs. We couldn’t do it without them. Hang in there and keep working toward your goal. You’ll get there. If you have the heart for it, then you’re already ahead of most! 🙂

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  2. Hi Jess!
    I am excited about following you on your journey! I really admire your spirit and determination! You got this!!! I can somewhat relate. I just turned 28 and started school again. It has been a struggle, but I am trying to hang in there. You are truly an inspiration!
    ❤ Alana

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      1. Lol omg I feel the same way about what I’m studying!! Chemistry & physics are not anywhere near my preferred subjects. And your computer science is difficult too! Very impressive & youll def have a job with that :))

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  3. I haven’t read anything on your blog except this so far and I can already tell from your enthusiasm that you’re going to make it! As a disabled old lady I’m really interested in reading your posts! And thank you for the follow!

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  4. Wow, awesome bio & blog; This is impressive! I can see your passion, and devotion for PT! You are going to make it, especially with outreach and drive you have. Keep shooting for your dream, & don’t ever stop. You definitely got this! 😉

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